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Lucky Shot Real Bullet 12 G Necklace

Bullet Bling At Fancy Rednecks!

If y’all are like most of our Fancy Rednecks crew here at headquarters then you are a hunter, married to a hunter, the parents of a hunter or the child of a hunter. Either way, this means that the Fancy Rednecks Bullet Bling line was made just for you!

There is plenty to  choose from when it comes to our Bullet Bling line, whether you are looking for a tie clip, a keychain, a necklace or even a pair of earrings for your sweetheart! Take a look at our Bullet Bling products below!

.45 Caliber Crystal Pendant NecklaceOur .45 Caliber Crystal Pendant Necklace retails for $29.95 and features a 17″-20″ adjustable sterling silver chain!

12 Gauge NecklaceThe 12 Gauge Necklace retails for $16.99 and is a popular one among the guys!

45 Caliber Emerald Stud EarringsOur .45. Caliber Emerald Stud Earrings are another popular gift for the ladies and they retail in our online store for just $24.99!

9MM Tie BarOur 9MM tie bar is one of our personal favorites in the Bullet Bling line because it adds a little redneck to even the smartest suit!

Looking for more Fancy Redneck Bullet Bling products? Then head on over to our online store and see what we have in stock for the Fancy Redneck in your life!

Bullet Tie Bar

Make An Impression At Your Next Redneck Job Interview!

Sometimes you just need to fly that redneck flag with pride and today we have the perfect way to help you to do that at your next big job interview!

Bullet Tie BarWhether you’re already the boss and looking to remind your redneck employees who rules the roost around those parts, or whether you’re looking to impress at your next big redneck job interview, the 9mm bullet tie bar clip is just what you need!

The Fancy Rednecks 9 mm bullet tie clip is made from a real demilitarized 9mm bullet and has been hand polished and lacquer coated. Sorry to all you hardcore rednecks out there but this tie bar has no active primer and will not explode – we know, what fun is that? Well our lawyers told us that although it might be fun for us risk takers it probably wouldn’t be great for our reputation.

The Fancy Rednecks 9mm tie bar is currently available in the Fancy Rednecks online store for $19.99 and it makes one really awesome gift and a great way to leave an impression at your next interview!

Money-Clip 12-Gauge

Fancy Rednecks 12 Gauge Money Clip!

Have you been searching for that special something for the redneck in your life? Well, with all the new gear we’ve added to the Fancy Rednecks online store, there is plenty of great stuff to choose from!

Money-Clip 12-Gauge

Our 12 gauge money clip is one of our newest best sellers for the discerning redneck gentleman who is looking to flaunt his redneck status along with his cash.

This solid brass money clip is made from a de-militarized real bullet, has no active primer and will not explode. These products are all hand polished and lacquer coated. Some items may contain sealed lead components so make sure to keep out of reach from Children under 13 years.